Prosecco Interior Design

Interior designers and Managing Partners, Kathryn Sullivan Alvera, Stefania Sparacino and Jason Clark collaborated on the design of the space. They were inspired by their joint love of the beauty of Venice and the soft color of a glass of Prosecco. The main dining room, Le Salotto, is a lush, ethereal space, with golden walls, a mother of pearl colored ceiling with faded gilding, silk damask curtains and intricately carved shell mirrors that recall the sea-faring nature of Venice’s claim to fame. Lighting is provided by ornately carved wooden Italian chandeliers and wall sconces washed in a soft golden color and capped with silk shades trimmed in fine passementerie. The focal point of the room is a hand crafted, antique mercury mirror-topped 35′ long bar painted in the style of 18th century Venetian furniture — the Venetians having elevated the craft of painted furniture to an art form once Marco Polo brought it back from China in 1283.

The color scheme for the bar was inspired by a shade of green in a painting by Caravaggio (Conversion of St. Paul) and features a beveled mirror crown with antique jewel tone-colored mermaid caryatids standing guard. The padded elbow rest, of cocoa brown-colored faux alligator adds a touch of comfort to a thing of beauty. The lion, the symbol of the city of Venice, is evident in the rust-colored lion head’s door knockers that adorn the base of the bar. A small raised dining platform, enveloped in a wainscot of channel-quilted silk harlequin fabric, is punctuated by an 40″ x 72″ oil painting, “Attention to Detail”, by noted Shanghai painter Mary Qian, whose focus has been on realism in the style of Rembrandt von Rijn.

The Doge’s Room (a Doge was a ruler of Venice), complete with seating for 8 guests, is an intimate, three-walled enclave highlighted by ivory and gold silk drapery and padded silk walls. Lithographs of Ventians Doges and Dogaressas line the walls along with a gilded mirror and hand-painted corner cabinets filled with Murano glass decanters and antique grappa bottles. The ceiling is embellished with a silk lamp by Venetian impressario Mariano Fortuny.

The final dining area on the main level is known as the Piazza Dining Room. Adjacent to the main kitchen and ringed by a mahogany chair rail trimmed in golden colored braid, this room has a Chef’s table patterned after an upscale custom home kitchen complete with vintage cabinets and a counter top and arched wall covered in San Siciliano granite. The bar height dining counter is fronted in quilted sage green leather, and 8 bar stools offer a fantastic vantage point on the workings of the Prosecco kitchen. Filled with antique kitchenware and luscious foodstuffs from the Italian heartland, the Piazza Dining Room is capped by a skylight embellished with ornate trim work and rosettes.